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If you’ve come to this page, you are considering adding a new screened porch to your Chicagoland home. If you’ve taken a look through our porch photo gallery, you will see we’ve built porches in many shapes and sizes throughout the Chicagoland metro area. There are many options and factors to consider when adding a new porch to your home. Working with Archadeck of Chicagoland to design your new porch, we work carefully to match size, placement and options with how you want to live in your new space. Here are some of the options and considerations for adding a porch to your home.

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Open porches or enclosed porches?

While screened porches are very popular, open porches are also a great option. Perhaps you want a covered area for protection from the sun but want to be able to move freely from your covered area to your open outdoor living area such as your deck or patio. An open porch also provides some level of rain protection. With a light rain, you may be able to enjoy sitting under your covered porch waiting for a sun shower to pass over or on a misty day.

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What are the benefits of a screened porch?

The biggest benefit of a screened porch is the ability to live outside in a space that blends the best of an indoor and the best of an outdoor experience. In a screened porch, you can enjoy natural sunlight but are protected from too much sun by the roof. You can enjoy fresh air without the nuisance of bugs and other insects. Who doesn’t love the sound of rain? A screened porch provides cover allowing you to curl up with a good book on a warm, rainy day. On a sunny day open screens allow the warm summer breeze to waft through your room, carrying with it the smell of flowers and fresh cut grass.

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If you are going to add a porch to your home, which porch roof is best for you?

There are several porch roof styles. A gable roof is the most popular roof style. The gable roof creates a vaulted ceiling within your porch providing a very open and airy feel within your porch. In recommending the best porch roof style for you, we look at the configuration of your home. First and foremost, the back of your home may pose constraints for a particular roof style. For example, if you have a number of second story windows, this may prevent the use of a steeper roof style and may dictate using a shed roof or a flat roof. Another consideration in roof selection is the roof style(s) of your home. We want your porch to look original to your home so we look to match or complement the existing roof on your home.

What is the best place to attach your porch to your home?

Like roof selection, porch placement will largely be dictated by the configuration of the back of your home and which area best accommodates the room addition. Additional factors are taken into consideration including from which interior room you want to access your porch. If you plan on using your porch mostly for outdoor meals, it is important to ensure your porch has direct access from your kitchen. If you are hoping to use your porch for living room overflow, you will want direct access from the living area within your home.

How many seasons do you want to use your porch?

When we are fortunate to run into past porch customers, they always tell us that their porch is the favorite room in their home. Wouldn’t it be great to use your favorite room throughout as much of the year as possible? There are a couple ways to extend the use of your porch as it gets colder in our Chicago area climate. One way to extend the use of your porch is through integrating an outdoor fireplace into your porch. Another way is through using a retractable window system such as Eze-Breeze windows. These attractive, light weight windows allow you to easily close up the room to protect against rain or snow or open them fully to allow a warm breeze in on sunny days.

What’s your porch style?

After determining the placement, roof style, and other structural considerations, we can have fun with the interior style. How formal or informal do you want your room to be? While rustic porches are perennially popular, there are now many options for having a more finished room. If you are looking for a rustic space, we may recommend an exposed ceiling with open rafters. Opting for an enclosed ceiling creates a more finished look. Similar options in flooring will determine the style of your porch. You can opt for anything from treated wood flooring to composite flooring or even paver flooring.

Make it a great pair

When adding an outdoor living space to your home, think about how you want to live outdoors. How important is it to eat outdoors? Do you envision private family dinners outdoors or do you regularly want to entertain in your new space? Would you like a great outdoor seating area? Is this to entertain friends or will one member of your household use a seating space to steal away with a good book or cup of morning coffee? While you’re building your space, make sure you build it to support your lifestyle. Very common today are combination outdoor spaces that include a porch along with a patio or deck. This not only allows for different types of activities in your new outdoor area but also allows different uses of your outdoor space at the same time. Allow the kids to play games in the screened area while you and a couple friends enjoy a meal under the warm sun.

It’s all about living

Your new porch can have any number of amenities to support your outdoor living. Options abound with lighting, fans, and electrical. Larger options can include adding an outdoor fireplace or bar to your screened or open porch.
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